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  |    |  BLACK BOX

The BlackBox shares the same platform as, Tiny Barney and Asymmetrico. High Quality living conditions in a very compact package. Ideal as temporary apartment or office in the garden or for urban projects with very limited space. The BlackBox is less than half of the weight of a traditional (stone) house. Therefore the foundation can be much simpler and easy to build. Due to the high insulation value of the NedPanel building system and triple glazing, the unit is very efficient to heat or cool.  The BlackBox is full electric and heated with infrared floor-heating or an energy efficient airco unit with inverter.


The optional Solar roof in combination with a home battery reduces the electric consumption from the grid to the maximum. Most of the electric features in the house van be controlled with the app on your smartphone. Also the energy consumption can be monitored easily.


External; 7,20 X 3,60 meter. 25,92 m2

Internal; 6,80 X 3,20 meter. 24,0 m2

Loft; 3,40 X 3,20 meter. 10,80 m2

Total Interior Surface: 34,8 m2