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Moduluxe, developed an innovative and sustainable construction method to simplify the construction of modular energy+ homes. Under the name “NedPanel” in the Frisian city of Franeker, the company invested in a production facility where the panels, which form the basis of the Moduluxe homes, are made. “We want to be able to build Energie + houses, with high quality materials. But in the same time offer a modern building system with flexibility in design, all with a low carbon footprint”, says Maarten Sickler, co-owner of NedPanel BV.

Carbon footprint

Carbon footprint

Modular construction is the answer for Moduluxe. Fast and clean and with minimal impact on the environment. Sickler: “We shorten the construction time by up to 35%, which of course saves assembly time on the construction site and also reduces costs. Moreover, on the construction site itself, our carbon footprint is also considerably lower. A large reduction of trucks for transportation of building materials and no need to use heavy lifting equipment to assemble the houses.”


The injection of foam between the panels closes all the air leaks inside the panel. There is no thermal leakage and therefore very high insulation value’s are achieved. At the same time, this method ensures perfect gluing between the skin plates and the interior structure of the NedPanels and results in an incredible strong and stiff building panel with a low weight. “The strength of the panel is significantly increased. That contributes to the feeling of comfort in a modular-built home.”

Lightweight Panels

Lightweight Panels

Due to the low weight of the NedPanel building elements compared to traditional concrete or stone construction, a much lighter foundation can be used. Depending on the house type or soil composition at the location, we usually use three foundation systems for the Moduluxe homes:


– insulated concrete slab; this is a self-supporting concrete floor insulated with a minimum of 200mm EPS / XPS insulation layer.


– Suspended foundation; The NedPanel floor elements of the house are positioned and fixed on a modular and galvanized steel frame. The metal frame is supported by galvanized screw posts and is suspended from the ground.


– Due to the low weight of the NedPanel elements, the houses are very suitable for floating foundations and barges also.

Easy to build

Easy to build

Using standardized dimensions of the elements and the integration of the pipes in the panels, building the “Moduluxe way’ is made significantly easyer compared to traditional construction. This not only shortens the construction time enormously, but also the need of professional builders and installers are used to complete the house. Not only are they expensive, but they are also becoming increasingly difficult to find. The Moduluxe building system makes building easier, cleaner and above all faster and extremely competitive.

Modular construction

Modular construction


Because of the relatively small sizes of the NedPanels, even on difficult to access locations, it is easy to build with individual elements. It is also possible to prefabricate the Moduluxe houses into nearly finished wall/roof elements or as plug and play building modules. The modules are easily stackable up to 3 building layers. If taller buildings are needed, the modules can be installed in combination with a modular steel- or concrete construction frames.


Another additional advantage of the low weight in combination with the relatively small dimensions of the NedPanel building elements results in the possibility to assemble the houses exclusively with electrical tools and equipment. It is even possible to build the houses completely “off the grid” with a mobile battery pack.

All-in-one solution


The patented NedPanel building element is more than just a “large brick”. The all-in-one element from NedPanel combines the following properties in one product:

Constructive element applicable as floor, interior- and exterior walls and roof.
High insulation value due to the use of PIR insulation.
Extremely suitable for airtight construction.
Suitable for almost all façade finish materials both interior and exterior.
Wall construction with A1 Class fire-resistant skin plates.
Integration of pluggable electrical cabling.
Integration of cold and hot water pipes.
Integrated vapor-proof layer in the inner wall.


Facade finishing

Both the inner and outer plating of the NedPanel building elements are made of Magnesium Oxide (Mgo). This is a cement-bounded, glassfiber reinforced structural panel is not only resistant to atmospheric moisture but is also fire resistant. In contrast to the OSB plating usually used in timber frame or SIP construction methods, NedPanel system is build to last as long as concrete but without the massive pollution.


All the elements are constructed with standard widths of 60cm or 120 cm. The NedPanel’s are manufactured in standard lengths. The Moduluxe houses are designed and constructed only using the standard panel sizes. This results in maximum efficiency on the building site and clean building without waste.  Not only the building elements are based on these dimensions, also the windows, doors and many façade finishes based on these dimensions and can be installed without producing waist material. This ensures maximum efficiency throughout the complete building cycle, from the design stage till the delivery of the building.